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ProppFrexx ONAIR 4.03.54
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ProppFrexx ONAIR 4.03.54

ProppFrexx ONAIR - профессиональный инструмент для вещания интернет-радио работающих в режиме реального времени с самым высоким качеством звука. ProppFrexx ONAIR - альтернатива mAirList имеющая современный пользовательский интерфейс, отличное звучание и высокое качество звука, поддерживающее практически любой аудиоформат без потерь с полной поддержкой метаданных (WAV, BWF / RF64, AIF, FLAC, MP3, AAC / MP4, OGG, WMA, OPUS, ...), генерация списков воспроизведения и плейлистов, планировщик, поддержка прямой потоковой передачи для SHOUTcast v1 / v2, ICEcast и Windows Media Encoder, графический редактор segue позволяющий смешивать «на лету», и многое другое.

ProppFrexx ONAIR is a comprehensive playout and radio automation system designed for general On-Air operations (live assist and/or automation), may it be for large terrestrial radio stations or smaller web radio stations, operated live or mostly automated. ProppFrexx ONAIR is designed to serve you with the highest audio quality for real 24 by 7 by 365 operations containing all features needed to support your daily workflow.

Unlimited Mixer
-The flexible mixer and rounting capabilities allows perfect integration without limits. Any number of mixer input and output channels incl. logical sub-groups can be defined. Fast switching between different mixer setups, various DSPs/VSTs and support for almost any soundcard (ASIO, WASAPI or WDM) offer unmatched possibilities.

Modern User Interface
-The modern and skinnable user interface makes even more fun to work with and fully support multiple monitors. The individual window panels can be freely arranged, a workspace manager allows instant switching between different layouts which are saved for each user. TouchUI mode is given as well as High DPI is fully supported.

High-Quality Audio
-Rock solid and highest audio quality supporting almost any audio format with full meta data support. From lossless WAV, BWF/RF64, AIF or FLAC to lossy MP3, AAC/MP4, OGG, WMA or OPUS and even many more formats. Our internal audio processing and mixing ensures highest quality and best output for driving your sound as you expect it.

Playout & Playlists
-The center of operations are our flexible playlist and playout management windows with each up to 4 DJ Players. Any number of playlists can be open and managed in parallel and serve your station with audio. The playout can be fully automated, script-based and scheduled or handled totally manually in live-assist mode.

-Two independent and outlook-like schedulers (one driving your regular programs and one serving extra overlays) offer maximum flexibility and automation capabilities. No funky coding or programming language needed. From fix time elements, time update syncs, soft, ends-at or hard segues up to conditional rules and remaining time based scheduling.

Adverts & News
-Our fully integrated advertising and news management allows perfect planning and billing of partners and scheduling their campaigns as well as handling multiple regions, any number of news categories. Priorities, brand conflict resolution, automatic slot assignment and distribution, references plus various opener, seperator and closer options ensure your revenue stream.

-Direct streaming support included for SHOUTcast v1/v2, ICEcast or Windows Media Encoder as well as in internal shoutcast compatible streaming server. Multiple streaming servers might be used in parallel.

(Remote) Voice Tracking
-Perfect in advance or last minute preparation of playlists require an easy-to-use voice tracking model. This is given, with an extra cartwall, a simple three-state recording button, automatic or manual track alignment and even unlimited track inserts. Remote Voice Tracking from a home location is also fully supported!

Segue Editor
-The integrated graphical segue editor makes mixing on-the-fly as simple as drag and drop of WaveForms. In addition you can use our automatic cue-point detection engine (ACPD) on a per media entry type basis or leverage perfect reply gain calculation.

-Reporting is not only sending playlist logs to external partners or fulfilling regulations. It also means updating web-sites, streaming servers or other devices, making automatic session recordings for later on-air checks or even re-broadcasting.

Remote Control
-The extensible GPIO module allows easy integration within your studio environment. The following communication protocols are supported: Ember+, Livewire+, TCP/IP, MIDI, Serial-IO, GamePort, HotKey mapping, Open Sound Control (OSC) as well as contact-closure triggers via Velleman or IO-Warrior.

and Many More
-Two independent cartwalls, extra standby players, comprehensive search and find, trackboards, integrated audio explorer, user access control management, integrated web browser, control room monitor with chat, time code window, moderator info, direct meta data editing, user commands, playback history, mod stream watcher, line-in feed support ...

ProppFrexx ONAIR 4.03.54

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